Week 16, Day 5 - 16 week full IM training

Just realized...Week 16 only has 6 days. One more day. And all I can think about is how my right foot is going to feel when I take that first step of about 40,000 I'll hopefully take on the marathon. I'm not going to test the thing until I get done with the bike tomorrow.

Dr. Badylak has me on a strict Advil regimen which I'm following religiously. He looked at me this morning and thinks it's a tendon thing, not a stress fracture, which is good.
My parents are coming, Jenn's parents will be here. My brother in law, friends, supporters, so many people have gone far out of their way to support me tomorrow and the last thing I want to do is fail.

My stomach is in knots.

Swam for about 20 minutes in Lake Woodlands this morning with no wetsuit. Felt really good, fluid with not wetsuit.

Then John and I rode for about 8 miles...total of about 10 when you factor in us trying to find the transition area and swim start.

We rode from Macy's parking lot to the swim start, parked our bikes, swam, then rode back to our cars...packed our gear bags and went back to IM village. John needed goggles and a race belt. I got a Memorial Hermann IM long sleeve shirt, a cowbell for the girls, and some 2XU calf sleeves.

Made it back to hotel about 11:40. Went to T and K's for lunch. I had a juice right before lunch and some cashews at T and K's. I iced my foot there, too.

Been sipping on water with Nuun tablets in them all day. As of 4 PM, I've had 2 liters plus a 17 ounce bottle.

I'm going to give Jenn my phone tomorrow during race and hopefully she'll be able to post some on facebook and to the blog during the race. Planning on posting lots of pics, too.

Man I hope everything goes OK. The pain of the actual race will be nothing compared to the jubilation I'll be feeling if my foot is OK.

orange in the morning
Juice and cashews in afternoon
Dinner - salad, cooked veggies, mung beans.
Snack - cashews, pretzels, frozen cherries