Week 13, Day 4 - 16 week full IM training

Bed at 10 PM...woke at 4:40 AM.

Feel great after ice soak and chiropractic visit. Foot feels fine.

Key bike//run
2 hours total
WU - 15' (including 4 minutes of 15" fast spin, 45" easy)
MS - 15/12/10 minutes of hard effort (HR in the 130s low 140s) with 4' easy between each set
         5 x 30" fast spin, 1:30 easy
CD - 15'

- 3' transition -

3.3 mile run on treadmill at 7.2 mph (8:20 pace)

Watched Jackass 3. Those guys are insane...yet I can't stop laughing.
Been a while since I sweat that much...went through 4 shirts and wore a black. long sleeve, cotton shirt to run.

Key run
1:20 total
9 miles
WU - 15' (including 6 100 yard accelerations)
MS  - 3x 2 miles with 3' recovery jog
CD - 17' easy

Made all three intervals in 14 minutes (7 min/mile pace). I've run a half marathon at that pace but the heat and the fact that I've been training at a much slower pace made this run much more difficult than I had anticipated. As I crossed the line on the third 2mile interval I dry heaved a few times. That means it was a good workout.

JD for lunch - one trip salad bar: spinach, tomatoes, onion, mushroom, red wine vinegar, carrots, broccoli, bell pepper
Dinner - JD salad, cooked veggies, red lentils with avocado and pico, carrots//almond butter
Leftovers from girls' dinner (so just small amounts of...): oven baked potato strips, mangos, broccoli, grapes
Snack - oatmeal, frozen bananas/mangos, almonds, walnuts