Week 13, Day 2 16 week full IM training

Bed at 12:30. Woke at 7 AM.

Feel much better today. Rest and ice helped tremendously.

Recovery swim
3,500 yards
WU - 3x500 on 1' rest
MS - 5x100
        5x50 kick/50 freestyle
        all on 15" rest
CD - 400
Took me 1:14
All 100's were in the 1:38-1:45 range. The ones with kicking were all < 2:30.
Pretty sore for the first 2 500s but eventually loosened up and had a good swim.

2 muscle ups
4 hand stand pushup
8 1.5 pood KBS
11 rounds plus 5 MUs. Did all MU's unbroken. HSPU slowed me down. 

The IMTX Athlete Guide came out today. Lots of rules and guidelines to follow. Reading it gives you that "I think I forgot something" feeling...times ten.

T - 25 days.

Nothing all day until a juice at 6 PM (carrots, apples, celery, lemon, cinnamon)
Dinner - salad, cooked veggies, mung beans homemade pico (bell pepper, tomato, onion, cilantro)
Snack - frozen banana, handful of frozen cherries, cashews, couple of dates, handful of raisins, some brown rice-sesame crackers, celery/almond butter
Good eating day...