Week 12, Day 5 - 16 week full IM training

Bed at 11 PM...up at 3 AM...yeah...3 AM.
Mind was racing. Have lots of MBA stuff to get caught up on. Started regression stats assignment at 4...next thing I knew it was 7. Needless to say...I was tired today.

Recovery Day

1 hour on the trainer (HR in the mid to high 120s)
easy run for 30 minutes
1:30 total

Watched Surviving the Cut, Army Divers...crazy stuff.
So tired today.

snacked throughout the day - celery/almond butter, celery/salsa, hole and oats cereal and raisins (Hope was eating so I grabbed a few handfuls), strawberries, part of Haelyn's Ezekial tortilla with almond butter. Last few crumbs of the Blue corn chips.
Dinner - 2 trips through JD salad bar, wheat crackers from JD, JD soft serve with almonds, end piece of Ezekial bread with organic jam
Snack - 2 LARA bars, cashews