Week 12, Day 3 - 16 week full IM training

Bed at midnight, up at 8 AM.

Key Swim
4,225 yard (2.4 miles)
longest swim ever
WU - 800
MS - 8x50 on 30" rest
         6x300 on 30" rest
        8x50 on 30" rest
CD - 800
Took me 1:28. Feel great. First time to swim the actual swim distance. Fitting since I'm going 112 on the bike this weekend.

Swam at YWCA in Lubbock.

30.9 miles on BSLT 70.3 course. HUGE HILLS. Five major climbs in this ride.
Took it easy.
172 watts
17.8 mph average (slow because of wind and crazy hills)
136 HR
On the bike 1:40

5 rounds of
400m run
15 x 95# Overhead Squat

celery (only thing I had all day for the three workouts)
dinner - 3 trips through JD salad bar
snack - 2 LARA bars, celery/almond butter, cashews, carob cubes, 2 coconut dates

Starting to see a difference after cutting down on calories and cutting out fruit during the week. I think I'll be at a good race weight.
Good training day today.