Week 12, Day 2 - 16 week full IM training

bed at 10 PM. Woke at 4:40 AM.

On trainer at 5 AM.

Key ride//transition run
WU - 15' including 3x 30" fast, 30" easy
MS - 4/8/12/8/4 minute intervals with 2' easy in between
        2 x 30" fast spin, 90" easy
CD - 15' easy

- 2 minute transition -

3.3 miles on treadmill.
Total workout was 1:50. Off bike at 1:20.
I do these workouts with nothing on my stomach by the way. Trying to train my body to use fat as fuel. Always have a huge mound of sweaty shirts and towels after this brick.
Watched 2 episodes of Surviving the Cut, listened to some MJ while I was running.

green tea in morning

Dinner - salad, cooked veggies, can of refried black beans with salsa (from NG)
Snack - cashews, celery/almond butter, carob cubes, 2 LARA bars