Week 11, Day 3 - 16 week full IM training

This is where I spend lots of time swimming...ACU Rec Center.

Bed at 10:30P. Woke at 5:30A.

60' bike
Power test
warmed up for 30 minutes
20 minutes as hard as humanly possible
averaged 260 on watts...don't know if that's good, average, or terrible, but I just about puked at the end.
Rode 10' easy to cool down.

Anaerobic swim
3,500 total
WU: 4x 200 on 15"
       16x 25 (1 drill, 1 free)
MS: 12x50 on 10" rest
       6x100 on 15"
       3x200 on 20"
CD: 5 x 50 kick, 50 free

REALLY sore at the beginning of this one. Took me the entire 1,200 yards to get loose. Abs, shoulders, chest, calves...from yesterday's CF WOD.
Did the MS in 35', happy about that.
Whole thing took 1:19

post-ride: juice of 3 carrots, 2 peeled zucchini, 1 apple, cinnamon
post-swim: processed - blueberries, sunflower seeds, flax seed, hemp protein, lemon juice, carob powder, almonds
Dinner - 3 trips through JD salad bar
snack - celery and almond butter/humus, cashews, carob cubes (spirulina), 2 LARA bars
3rd great eating day in a row...