Week 9, Day 6 - 16 week full IM training

Key ride//transition run
Rode 105 miles in 5:11 (about 5:28 total counting three stops: one in Merkel for me to pee, one at 52.5 mark to pee, last stop in Merkel for fluids/calories)

HR averaged ____
New power meter (pictured above) is AWESOME. Loved seeing my watts.
We rode from John's over to Merkel than due north about 6 miles south of Hamlin. Winds were EXTRAORDINARILY favorable.
New wheels feel fast, too.
Wore my new shoes as well...love THOSE. Lots of new stuff.

We took about a five minute transition then ran to the 6:15 mark...ended up being about a 43 minute run. 5+ miles...last mile was sub 7:30. Feel great!!!

Wind (or lack thereof) really helped, but I'm feeling stronger on these longer days.

blended salad and banana pre-ride
recovery pudding post-ride (see above)
Dinner - large salad, lentils, 2 bean burritos, chips and salsa at my folks' house in Arlington.

Headed out of town...