Week 6, Day 5 - 16 week full IM training

In bed a little after 9. Nearly fell asleep putting Haelyn to bed. Woke at 4:45 AM.
Had all my warm running gear laid out to run in the freezing-ness. But when I went into the "Box" and heard the north wind howling up against the house...I decided to run on the treadmill. So I was either going to be freezing or bored. I chose bored.

Key Interval Run
20' warmup (including 6 accelerations)
6x 5:2 where the work phase was prescribed to be in the HR#3 zone.
2x40 reps of butt kicks, skipping, and high knees
14' cooldown
Total of 1:20

Little worried about the Achilles when I started out. Warmed up at 7.2 mph. I did the accelerations by going from 3.0 mph to 12.0 mph and counting about 60 steps (about 100 yards in "real life"). Started the working phases at 22 minutes. To cut down on the speed and force of each step I set the incline to 6.0 and the speed at 7.5 mph.

I did the first three at this level (walking 2 minutes in between) and my HR was steady in the high 160s (maybe a little too high). The last three were at 4.0 and the same speed, and the last minute I put it back on 6.0 incline and increased speed to 7.6 mph. HR stayed mid to low 160s on the last 3 and peaked into the 170s during that last minute.

Did the 2x40 reps in place beside the treadmill. Was going to put on a sweatshirt and do it outside but I was already on my second completely soaked shirt....too wet.

Cooled down at 7.0-7.2 from 1:06 to 1:20. Treadmill said I went a little more than 9 miles. Iced Achilles immediately after (after stretching of course).

Also got some treatment at ACU sports medicine. Heat, ultrasound, ice/stem, stretch. Achilles feels good but my lower leg is pretty sore (the muscle).

100 burpee pullups
bar 1 foot above reach
Brutal. Put my bar on the straps hanging from my ceiling and measured a foot above my reach. This one is also known as "GI Jane" and some people can do it in half that time.

No problems with my achilles at all with all the jumping and landing...good sign. 

post-workout - processed the following: spinach, blueberries, raspberries, hemp protein, flaxseed, carob powder, juice from 1/2 lemon, 2 pitted dates. REALLY good. Like I'm eating chocolate ice cream for my recovery meal.
Dinner - Jason's Deli for details click here and scroll down to menu.3 organic wheat crackers.
Snack - raisins, dates, blue corn chips, Rosa's cheese-less bean burrito, carrot/almond butter, rest of the sliced sweet potatoes from the other night