Week 6, Day 4 - 16 week full IM training

Bed at 10:30 PM (started reading Newberg's ebook he wrote about Rangers...bad idea - needed to be in bed sooner than that!). Woke at 5:30 AM...on bike by 5:50 AM.

Optional bike
60 minutes at 126 HR
Almost done with WWII in HD. 

This is my optional rest day (instead of tomorrow). Body/legs feel good. I iced my Achilles and rolled it on a foam roller last night before bed (ice was much easier tonight than last night - body adjusts quickly to hellishly cold temps). Woke during the night to empty the ole bladder and it was REALLY tight, but then this morning it's not tight at all.

Hoping that another day of low-impact and ice/massage will result in it flaring down by tomorrow morning when I have about a 9 mile interval run scheduled. Have about 25 miles to run the next three days.

It's going to be 50 degrees and raining on Saturday, so John and I are going to ride on Sunday afternoon when it's supposed to be 72 and partly cloudy. I'll just do my long run Saturday (90 minutes) and the long brick on Sunday. That means I'll have to go to bed early Saturday night to be rested for a 90 mile ride and 4.5 mile run later that day.

Dinner - large salad and cooked veggies, mung beans, carrots/hummus, edamame, few slices of baked sweet potato we made for girls.
Homemade dressing (see recipe above)
Dessert - frozen bananas/mangos, raisins, dates