Week 6, Day 2 - 16 week full IM training

Mind played a weird trick on me this morning...
I had a 1:40 workout scheduled. So my brain was thinking I could start at SIX:20 instead of FIVE:20 AM. I set my alarm for 5:25...took my sweet time and didn't realize my mistake (despite doing the math in my head several times) until 5:55...much too late. So I had to be creative and find another time to get the workout in...

Key Bike (transition run)
WU: 6x 40" fast spin, 20" recovery
MS: 10:3, 8:3, 6:3, 4:3 (work:recovery in minutes)
then 4x 30" fast spin with 1' recovery
CD: 15 minutes

- 3 minute transition - 

ran 4 miles on treadmill
Kept it at 7.2 mph for a few minutes, bumped it up to 7.5, then the last 7-8 minutes was 9.0 mph.
Total time was 1:42. HR averaged 131.

Feeling some tightness in my left achilles. Just enough to notice, not enough to even cause a limp yet. I've been stretching it and iced tonight before bed. Filled up a small cooler with ice and water...waited for it to cool down and stuck my whole foot in. Once you do this for consecutive days it gets easier...but that first time after not having done it in a while is absolute misery for the first few minutes.

CF WOD (pictured above)
HSPU = hand stand push up
WBS = Wall ball shot with 20# ball
DBU = double under
time was 21:39

post bike/run - blueberry, raspberry, hemp protein, flax seed, almond milk (all blended together)
Dinner - large salad and cooked veggies, bowl of beans, raisins, dates, carrots with almond butter, cashews
Snack - frozen bananas, cherries, mangos, almonds, small cup of dry oatmeal
Went to  United and Jenn wanted Nikki's so I got a small bowl of no sugar added raspberry yogurt when I went in to get her (kiwi and strawberry on top).

VFBNS except for the Nikki's (which I do about once a month)