Week 6, Day 1 - 16 week full IM training

Bed at 10:30 PM. Woke with Haelyn at 1 AM (no paci starting Saturday night...), was up with her until about 2 AM. Slept until 6:30 when Hope woke me up.

Key Swim (aerobic)
WU: 2x250y
250 kick
250 drills
MS: 6x400 on 30" rest
Did them all right at 7:30.
CD: 200
Total of 3,600 yards
Took me right at 1:17

Hitting anywhere between 12-14 strokes per length on the 400s.
The speedwork on Friday helped...felt good today.
My upper lats were really sore when I got in the water today, couldn't figure out why. Then when I started doing my 250 kick I figured it out. It's from holding the kick board out in front while I dolphin kick. Did that for 1,100 yards last week total (down and back 22 times). Kick is feeling stronger though so at least it's not a huge waste of time.

Nothing until dinner...did have a teaspoon of chlorella in water this morning.
Large salad, pinto beans, collard wraps (steamed collard leaves with hemp seed hummus and chopped veggies inside), few dates
Appetizer was carrots and homemade dressing
Dessert - frozen bananas, cherries, mangos, almonds