Week 9, Day 3 - 16 week full IM training

Bed at 11:30. Woke at 5:15AM.

CF Midland
Partner WOD
Overhead squat with 95
run 300m
3 partner WOD, 15' AMRAP, one person squats while one runs and one rests. The one squatting keeps squatting until the person gets back from the run, then the person resting jumps on the bar, the runner rests, and the squatter runs.
We did 210 total squats. I think I did about 60 of them.

Key bike//transition run
WU - 15' (including 6x 50" fast spin with 1:10 easy)
MS -  12' at 90 RPM, HR in the 140s
          3' rest
          10' working
          3' rest
          8' working
          4x 20" very fast spin, 1:40 easy
CD -   15'
total of 1:14 on the bike
2 minute transition
ran from 1:16 - 1:50
HR averaged 133 for entire workout.

Feel good. No pain anywhere.

cashews in the morning. 2 tortillas around 3 PM (before bike)
Dinner - 2 trips through JD salad bar, JD crackers, 2 cheese-less bean burritos, cashews, carob almonds, 2 LARA bars, handful of mini peanut butter cups