Week 9, Day 2 - 16 week full IM training

Bed at 10 PM...woke at 5:30 AM.

Had bike all set up in box...ready to go. Decided to do Wednesdays workouts today and do todays tomorrow so I don't have to swim on the road and waste 7 bucks.

Recovery bike
60 minutes at 117 HR
Don't know if I wasn't working as hard as usual on this ride or if my body is getting more efficient at longer time periods...hope it's the latter. I don't feel like I'm working any less but my HR (the last two 1 hour rides) has been about 8 beats per minute slower than what it had been the first couple of months doing these 1 hour steady rides. Hmm...

Anaerobic threshold swim:
WU - 800
MS - 3x
         300 on 45" rest
         4x 100 on 10" rest
         rest 1'
CD - 800
3,700 total
took me 1:14
Great swim. Did most of the 100s in the 1:40 range. A few in the first set were sub 1:35. Feeling strong in the water...which is to say that I may be inching ever so closer to being JUST below average instead of below average. I enjoy swimming very much...it's very technical...very isolated. It's just you and your thoughts...you can't hear...can't really see much...not much room for daydreaming either since keeping up with laps is critical.

salad, cooked veggies, lentils