Week 9, Day 1 - 16 week full IM training

Woke at 7 AM.

Good news is that I should have my new wheels and power meter on my Tarmac by my next long ride this weekend.

Bad news is that I still don't have my Shiv. If I don't have some news in the positive direction by this time next week...I'm going to order a Trek triathlon bike and say to heck with Specialized. Sad because everything I own is Specialized, but this is getting ridiculous.

Recovery/aerobic Swim:
WU - 10x100 on 10" rest
         6x 75 kick on 10"
MS - 2x
        6x 50 on 10"
        3x 100 on 20"
        300 on 1' rest
CD - 250
Total of 3,500
took me 1:15
Feeling really smooth and solid in the water. Feel great...

salad and pinto beans, cooked veggies
leftover dried bananas and mt. evans trail mix from yesterday
blue corn chips, popped amaranth, brown rice crackers