Week 7, Day 4 - 16 week full IM training

Planned on waking up early and running but couldn't wake up...out of my "waking up early" routine. Woke around 7 AM.

Key swim (lunchtime)
WU - 6x 50 on 10
         300 on 30
         (repeat above)
        12x50 (2 backstroke, 2 freestyle)
MS - 30x 50 (3 sets of 5x50 on 10, then 5x50 on 5)
CD - 200
Took me about 1:20...good swim. Did the 30 50s in just under 30 minutes
3,500 yards

Key Run (fartlek)
20' warmup (including 8 100y accelerations)
30' of (1:1 - one minute hard work, one minute recovery)
10' cool down (including 2 x 40 of butt kicks, high knees and skipping)
1 hour total...about 7 miles.

Weighed 176 after run.

Ran up to ACU track. Did accelerations as 19 seconds (or 60 steps) then walked the remaining minute (starting at 12 minutes in). Did 10 of the sets on ACU track, the remaining 5 and cool down were on the way home. HR averaged 135...NO LEFT ANKLE PAIN WHATSOEVER. Good sign.

Dinner - large salad and cooked veggies, bowl of pinto beans, handful of raisins
mulit-grain chips with homemade guacamole
Snack - bowl of frozen fruit and cashews, blue corn chips