Week 7, Day 2 - 16 week full IM training

I was up at 10:30 PM, midnight, 2 AM, 6 AM, then for good at 7:30 AM. Making sure Jenn got all her pain meds. Pretty tired today...

Key Bike//Transition run
Did later in the day...
WU - 15 minutes (including 4x 1' fast, 1' easy)
MS - 3x2:2 (where working phase was 90 RPM)
        2x30" SLD (single leg drill): 30" both legs easy
        12' roller coaster (1' big gear, 1 min super fast, 1 min fast x 4)
        3x2:2 (same as above)
CD - 11 minutes
(1:05 total)
Ran to 1:25 (about a 3' transition time - changed clothes, super sweaty)
HR average 125

business lunch - salad with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes
Dinner - large salad, cooked veggies (not as many as I'd been cooking recently), pinto beans, watermelon
Dessert - frozen cherries/mangos/bananas, cashews, piece of bread with tomato sauce, few dates, some dried fruit

Went and saw chiropractor today. Feel much better after that appointment. Schedule a deep tissue massage for Thursday. Feel like I'm adding some weight, which seems incredible...need to reel in the fruit maybe? Weird...

Swim and CF tomorrow...