Week 7, Day 1 - 16 week full IM training

Bed around midnight. Could NOT get comfortable: sunburned, super sore all over from long ride and run yesterday). Woke at 7:30 AM.

Optional bike
60 minutes (taught RPM) didn't have my watch so don't know what my HR was. It was higher than the 125 average I've been recording the last few weeks.

I'm moving some things around this week to be able to help Jenn with her wisdom teeth (getting them out in about an hour). Going to do my swims Wednesday and Thursday. There aren't even any optional workouts on Friday of this week...I'm supposed to take the day COMPLETELY off.

post ride - frozen blueberries/raspberries, few spoonfuls of watermelon, flax seed, sunflower seeds, hemp protein (2 tbsp), carob powder...mmmmm.
Dinner - large salad, cooked veggies, baked sweet potato slices, a few carrots (homemade dressing, tahini, almond butter)
Snack - cashews, watermelon, frozen fruit, leftover no-salt baked chips from yesterday, small cup of oatmeal, a few dates
VFBNS except for the few chips...