Week 6, Day 6 - 16 week full IM training

Bed before 10...woke at 7. Lots of good sleep but feel like I got hit by a truck.
The pain in my Achilles has moved over to the tendon connecting my ankle bone to the inner portion of my leg...so that hurts. My lower left back has a tweak in it. Both of the muscles running along the tops of shoulder blades started really hurting yesterday. I think it's because of how many hours I've been in the aero position (7 hours last week, already 3+ hours this week)...so those are bothering me. I'm super sore from the burpee pullups yesterday. So I think the volume is starting to wear me down...glad next week is a "recovery" week.

Hope I make it through my 11 mile run today and the 5.5 hour workout tomorrow though.

Key Run
90 minutes
concentrating on keeping HR in the 130s and 140s...180 steps per minute...distance not a priority.
HR 142
Rainy...left ankle giving me some pain but by the end of the run I felt 100% great.

clementine and coffee this morning
Pre-run - blended salad
Dinner - large salad, cooked veggies, leftover edamame
Dessert - 2 LARA bars, raisins, dried banana, couple of dates
Snack - frozen fruit (cherries, mangos, banana) with cashews