Week 1, Day 7 - 16 week full IM training

Woke at 7 AM.
Was going to get up and do "Bradshaw" but I felt a little tweak in my lower left back last night and had flashes of week 1 of my Half IM training from 2010 when I worked out despite my back hurting and ended up in physical therapy for three weeks.

So instead of 10 workouts this week, it'll be 9...plus an extra hour on the bike yesterday.

CFE short swim
6' of 25y on 30"
rest 3'
4' of 25y on 30"
rest 2'
2' of 25y on 30"
Did all 25s in the 19-21 second range.

Menu: (extra calorie day)
Blended salad* my new favorite, will be a go-to post-workout snack
Creamy carrot Soup*
Carob almonds
Nanas Cookie
Granola (gluten free)
Almond fudge*
Blue corn chips

Total weekly training volume: