Week 4, Day 6 and 7 - 16 week full IM training

Sunday, February 26

Woke at 7 AM.

Long swim at 3 PM at rec center:
2,600 yards
WU: 400
400 on 8'
400 with paddles on 8'
2x300 on 6'
300 with paddles on 6'
6x50, 1' RBI
CD: easy 100
50 kick
50 kick underwater
1 hour

for time:
row 500
50 reps of,
20" box jump
push up
sit up
jumping pullup
back extension
20 x turkish get=ups with 35# kettle bell
21:21 - tough.

veggie juice for lunch. veggie juice after swim.
Dinner and snack - salad, cooked sweet potato slices, bowl of beans, frozen bananas, chips and salsa (homemade salsa), handful of carob raisins, english muffin (Ezekial) with almond butter, half a bean burrito (left over from Jenn's lunch), carrots and almond butter

Been eating too much wheat lately...feeling bloated. Need to reel that in...my training volume is about to increase dramatically. 

Total training time for week 4:

Saturday, February 25

Woke at 7 AM.

Long brick
3.5 hour bike (60.4 miles)
4 mile run

Set out at 12 noon. Has to be one of the top five worst winds I've ever ridden in. Straight out of the south. Rode from my house to the loop to hwy 36 access road to maple (south) to clark road (west) to Iberias to Bell Plains to CR 127 to Hwy 83 and 3.5 miles south of Tuscola before I turned around. Had to stop and pee around Bell Plains road on the way out because of the no sweating factor...frustrating.
I averaged about 14.5 mph from start to turnaround...took me about 2 hours and 5 minutes. Made it back home right at the 3.5 hour mark. I can't wait to get my Shiv. The road bike probably cost me several minutes as it's not as slippery as the triathlon bike. I'm thinking of it as training for a race with weights around my ankles, so hopefully when the Shiv gets here, all the work on the Tarmac will pay off.

Took about 4 minutes to transition and ran 4 miles (1/2 mile out and back four times). Averaged a sub-8 minute mile on the run felt like I could've gone a lot farther. No sweating helps.

I had an Accel gel at the turnaround, then another one on 27th at around the 3 hour mark. 1 bottle of water the whole 4 hours and 11 minutes I was working.

1 hour pre ride - blended salad (banana, avocado, 2 dates, spinach, romaine)
post-ride - recovery pudding from Thrive (banana, frozen blueberries, 1 date, almonds, flaxseed, hemp protein, juice from 1/2 lemon).
Dinner - brown recovery drink, 2 cheese-less bean burritos, dates, chips/guacamole, a large portion of store bought Italian flavored bread, 4 raw cookies (break and bake)
Not a great eating day...