Week 2, Day 7 - 16 week full IM training

(Sunday) Woke at 7 AM with girls.

Long ride
Snowing outside. Too cold to ride so I rode the indoor trainer in my gym while watching King Corn, a documentary on how much corn is in everything we eat...very interesting. Really nothing I didn't already know, but a good watch nonetheless.
I did intervals in 10' sets.
1 - 5:5
2 - 2x2.5:2.5
3 - 3x1:40 on, 1:40 off
4 - 4x1:15 on, 1:15 off
5 - 5x1:1
6 - 6x 50":50"
7 - 5:5
8 - 3x1:40 on, 1:40 off
9 - 5x 1:1

HR averaged 134.
Didn't feel too great after this ride. Took about an hour nap then felt feverish and achy most of the night. Could not get warm. Slept in living room with space heater blowing right on me. Wondering if it's from being so cold Saturday then getting totally drenched in a warm, humid house this afternoon? Whatever it is...I don't feel too great.

(and this probably didn't help either)
Medium pizza from Domino's (mushroom, spinach, olives, no cheese), bread sticks.
Before dinner I had blueberry/almond milk "ice cream" with flaxseed, carrots and almond butter, decaf coffee, Haelyn's leftover oatmeal.

6 hours, 51 minutes of training this week. Plus I played basketball twice.
9 workouts again...supposed to get 10.