Week 2, Day 6 - 16 week full IM training

Woke with girls at 7:30 AM.

CFE bike
short interval
29 degrees with strong north wind this morning.
Was going to ride 40 but there is no way. I didn't have the warm weather gear (aka ski jacket) for that long of a ride in this kind of cold.
12x 1:1. Rode laps around a big church parking lot.
Was so cold after ride that I could not see straight or walk in a straight line. Got in a hot shower...was laying in the tub with hot water running down on me and someone flushed the toilet. I was half asleep when burning hot scolding water started scolding me...I was snapped to attention and halfway up I slipped down and fell which continued the deluge of steaming, life-taking water. I must have been screaming obscenities because Jenn came back there and told me to shut up. That was terrible.

trail mix and blue corn chips and salsa around lunch time
Carrots and red pepper hummus before dinner.
Dinner - large salad, cooked veggies, red lentils
Snack - dried mangos, 3 coconut dates, cashews, frozen banana