Day 27, 5 week full marathon training

Long Run

10 miles

1:17 and change. Easy run. About 50 degrees. Ran in a loose, cool, long sleeve shirt -- no compression socks.


green smoothie post run (all the usual stuff)

Dinner - salad from Whole Foods, brd, nuts, carob cubes

About halfway through Wheat Belly and also read a post this morning about someone who did a Paleo challenge for 8 weeks with no meat...thought it looked interesting so I'm going to try it....except for the 1/2 of the salmon filet I have in the freezer which I need to eat in the next couple of weeks.

Protein sources come from almonds, avocado, spinach, broccoli, walnuts, hemp seeds, tahini, cashews, spriulina...keeping carbs at a minimum (no wheat at all, no legumes).