Wednesday - Dec 19


4 miles - took me 37:30, but kept HR in mid 130s (after 15' I would push it up into the 150s and keep it there until breathing slowed...then back off until back <135).

100 pushups, 100 double unders in 5:52.


buttered coffee for breakfast...yes. Buttered Coffee. 2 tbsp organic, grass fed high fat butter, 1 tbsp coconut oil blended in 16 ounces of wet-process, arabica coffee.

Lunch - cob salad without chicken or bacon in Sterling City.

Dinner - steamed salmon, salad with avocado/tahini dressing, egg, cashews, pistachios, almonds

I'm really starting to see a change in my core as far as leanness goes. And I'm hardly ever hungry.