2013 Race Schedule

When I started doing long-distance racing, I would just do 1 race a year: Dallas Marathon.

In 2008, I branched out and did a half marathon and 2 olympic triathlons. Ever since then I have done at least 6 races per year. Last year I did 8...that's a lot, especially with kids and life in general.

To put it in statistical terms, 15% of my weekends last year were races. A small number until you start factoring in vacations, weddings, etc....weekends can quickly begin to disappear.

All that to say, I have decided to only do 4 races in 2013, really for 2 reasons:

1. to spend more time with my family and give me a few more Saturdays to be home with them all day

2. a mental and physical (sort of) break to get ready for what will probably be a busier 2014 (Ironman Arizona and Half Ironman in Hawaii -- that's the plan anyway).

There are probably anywhere from 15-20 races that I would like to do every year, so narrowing it down to 4 was tough. Here they are...drumroll please:

  1. Half IM, Galveston, TX -- a race I had already signed up for so there was no choice on this one, although it is a great venue and I'm really looking forward to it.
  2. Capital of Texas Triathlon -- probably my favorite race of any that I do b/c of the venue and the organization. Plus I didn't get to do it this year b/c of the full Ironman.
  3. Palo Duro 50 mile trail run -- it's time to stop putting off an ultra marathon and this one will fit nicely into the schedule.
  4. Dallas Marathon -- the final race came down to either this one or another triathlon (2 triathlons will be the fewest I've done since 2008), but I have never completed the full marathon at Dallas in consecutive years and I'll be fresh of a 50 miler so it shouldn't take too much to get ready for this.

So there it is. My 2013 race schedule.

Doing fewer races doesn't mean that I will train any less (maybe less volume but not as far as rest days go). I will still maintain a Crossfit regimen and focus on ways to train that will help with longevity...I want to be doing this when I'm 75.