Gearing up for Galveston

For about the next four weeks I will be focusing solely on nasal/diaphragmatic breathing and doing functional strength training (aka pushups, pullups, situps, jump rope, box jump, air squats, etc...).

I also have a 12 day juice fast planned for the first week and a half in January which I'm really looking forward to. My goal is to race all of 2013 between 170-175.

My diet for the indefinite future will be "Paleo No Meat" -- so only veggies, nuts, seeds and fruit (the low glycemic fruit like grapefruit, apples, cherries and all berries) -- six days a week. Sunday will be a treat day.

Since doing the Paleo No Meat thing, I have had not trouble giving up raisins, mangos, carob cubes, chips, crackers, bread, or bananas (all things that would snack on as they became available -- or late at night when I was hungry). I can already see myself leaning out -- was eating too many things that were making my blood sugar spike (raisins, bananas, all grains).

I rode did a 40' bike session on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Also did a 50' session on Tuesday. Rested yesterday.

Ran 2 miles in 18:36 keeping HR at or below was pretty cold which probably played a role but this was much faster than any previous "breathing" runs I've done. Breathing rate was one every 13-15 steps.