Bike and Run


did a breathing run this morning...after sun salute and 5 minutes of brisk walking while taking super deep breaths...2 miles in 18:36 keeping HR in the mid 130s. Getting faster bit by bit while keeping exertion constant.

20 mile bike

20 miles in little more than an hour. 19.2 mph. 146 HR average. 188 watts average. Super windy - 20+ mph. Felt good on the Shiv. Haven't ridden it since late October -- been on road bike or inside on Transition for most of the time. High speed was 40 mph. Wore my longsleeve thermal, neon jersey, bib, and 2XU compression socks.


grapefruit and almonds for breakfast. 

10 almonds before ride.

Dinner - salad with avocado/tahini dressing, steamed cauliflower, cashews, walnuts, almonds