Day 7, Week 12 - 12 week Half IM training

Race Day

Finished in 5:22: 11. 40th in age group out of 16%. Happy with that. Top 12% overall.

Swim took me 39:20. I followed a straight line to all of the turn buoys instead of following each buoy which were in a curved line -- think that helped me. At one point I thought I had gone way off course, but based on my time, I was straight the whole way. Discovered two big tears in the calf of my wet suit right before water.

Averaged 20.43 on the bike. Watts were 200. 2:44:30...hammered it pretty hard. Happy with time. LOTS of traffic. Had to slow down several times due to cars in front and in back and nowhere to go. Pretty frustrating actually. Probably cost me 2-3 minutes.

Run took 1:48:20...8:16 mile. Felt pretty rotten towards the end. 3 loop course. Hills.

6:23 T1 -- 3:41 T2. Kind of cold so I put on some arm warmers in T1...slowed me down.

I'm writing this on March 18, 2013 so there are a lot of details that will forever be forgotten.

Woke in Georgetown really early. Had a blended salad (avocado, spinach, romaine, dates, bananas). Sipped on Nuun tablets and water. Took Randy's truck down to race start. Was one of the first ones there. Really cold. I bundled up after getting my stuff together and laid down and fell asleep. I was the first person in line to get my tires aired up. Still dark out. Found Greg and Tracy right before they kicked us out of transition...we hung out before the start. I had about 90 minutes from time transition closed until my wave started. Ridiculous. Had a porta potty incident 10 minutes before I started...banana 30' before start.

Saw girls once each lap during the run. Lauren Matthews came out as well. Nasal breathing entire run except for uphills -- needed the extra oxygen. Happy with the 8:16 pace...

I had homemade gels, Hammer Perpetuem. Started sipping that at 1:30 hours in and alternated Hammer and water every 10 minutes on the bike. Peed in T2. Gels every hour starting at 2 hours. Took hand bottle and gel flask wth me on the run.