Day 24, 5 week full marathon training

Session 8 (Bike)

Level 2 session with heart rate monitor. HR was 48 bpm when I woke up this morning. Yesterday it was 42. Last week it was closer to 60 -- think it's cuz I was fighting off a sinus infection which never materialized.

I did 5 sun salutes -- then 5 minutes of spinning (on indoor trainer) at 95-100 HR (resting phase) -- then 20' minutes in the listening phase, keeping HR in between 125 and 135 but took it up into the 140s a couple of times -- breathing stayed around 12 breaths per minutes throughout -- 5' back at resting phase (100 HR) -- then 5 sun salutes. Good workout. Pretty sweaty but refreshed afterwards.

During the last "resting phase" I breathe slow the first minute, then do 10 breaths the 2nd minute, 6 the 3rd minute, 5 the 4th and 4 the 5th minute.

Total was 45...but was on the bike for 30 of that.



wall balls (24# ball) -- pullups -- double unders

16:58 -- tough.


Tropical salad (see recipes tab), black beans, cauliflower mashed "potatoes" (see recipes)

Dessert -- baked apples, cashews

*Note - reading Wheat Belly now -- alot of stuff I already knew but am really going to focus on glycemic index for the next few weeks ... especially at night.

With all 4 of my grandparents diabetic and my mom, I think I probably have a high propensity for blood sugar spikes so I've made a list of low-glycemic fruits that I'm going to stick with during the week and have some high glycemic stuff on Sundays.

Low GI fruits = apples, berries (all kinds), cherries, pears, grapefruit

Cutting back on raisins and bananas (except in smoothies). And absolutely NO WHEAT.