Day 23, 5 week full marathon training

Session 7

Body, Mind and Sport treadmill test

To recap: 5-10 sun salutations -- 5' of "Resting Phase" (3.5mph walking, big deep nasal breaths) -- then increase speed to 4.5 mph and every :15 increase incline 0.5 until breath begins to shorten -- recover for 2-3 minutes -- do it again -- 5' of Resting Phase -- 5-10 sun salutations.

(Look down a few posts to see more details on this -- the idea is to keep the body calm and relaxed even during strenuous exercise -- a very intriguing idea, but one that is going to take some patience to potentially attain)

The last time I did this, I got up to 12 incline on the first set before I had to shut it down...then even less on the second one. You're technically supposed to go UP on the second one.

After doing 2 long, nasal bike rides and three 4-5 mile nasal runs, I wanted to see if I had gained any lung capacity...

I did this at lunch. Got up to 13.5 incline on the first one, 14.0 on the second. Very happy about that. Those runs and rides really increased my capacity.

I'm going to start monitoring heart rate now as well as I begin the Level 2 phase of the Body, Mind and Sport process.


vega mixed in water after Session 6

Dinner - black beans, cabbage wraps (carrots, beets and a tahini dressing wrapped in cabbage leaves), asparagus

Dessert - coffee mug of fruit and nuts