Thanksgiving Week


Did another treadmill session on Monday morning. All I ate was veggie juice today. On 4.5 mph, incline got up to 12 both times.


Treadmill session this morning. 11, then 13 incline on 4.5 mph. (see previous posts for what exactly I am referring to...)

Rode 30 miles using nasal/diaphragmatic breathing throughout. Sun salute before and after, 5' of "resting" phase at beginning and end, too.

Had a green smoothie in the in the afternoon. Dinner was some beans, guacamole, veggies and a salad. Had raisins, tomato sandwich, and some shredded wheat for snack.


4 mile run = 10' of sun salute, 5' brisk walking using ND (nasal/diaphragmatic breathing), then 4 miles. Mostly uphill to the turnaround...did it in 22', then hit 16' on the way back. 5' of brisk walking (resting phase), sun salute

Rode 30 miles...same as yesterday.

Dinner was lentil soup and a salad.


4.5 mile run. Same as yesterday but today it took me 19' instead of 22 going at the same effort level...pretty cool.

Food today was basically exactly what Jenn ate (95# person). Never full or stuffed all day which was a great feeling. Lunch was homemade dressing, fruit salad, veggie salad, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese. Dinner was the same. Also had a smoothie after run in the morning. One piece of pecan pie during day...some pumpkin bread after dinner.


5 mile run. Same as yesterday but shaved it down to 18' on the way out. Been having sinus stuff, too so I'm thinking I'd be even more efficient without all that goop up there. One thing of note, when you just nasal breathe for a while, getting stuff up out of your chest is way easier.

Green smoothie after run. Dinner was carrot soup in the vitamix, black beans and a piece of buttermilk pie.


took a rest day to prepare for 18 tomorrow.

smoothie in the morning. Dinner was some raw veggies. Had some dessert that some friends brought over as well.


18 miles in 2:34. Hot (80 degrees) and windy. Pretty beat up after this one. Smoothie in the morning. Blended salad at 1 pm (hour before run). Hammer perpetuem during run. Smoothie after run. Dinner was carrot soup, quinoa with avocado and liquid aminos, raisins and cashews. Best eating Sunday I've had in about 3 years. haha

Also -- I ran about 31 miles this week which is the most I've run in one week in about three years. Normally I only run 2-3 times per week with one longer run (if I'm marathon training) and 1-2 shorter, higher intense runs.

All in all -- a pretty good week.