Day 22, 5 week full marathon training

Pretty beat up after run yesterday. Sat in cold tub mid-morning, swam at 12 and sat in cold tub again. Feel MUCH better this afternoon. No lasting joint pain. Just some inflammation in my right ankle, but nothing that won't be gone in a day.

Pretty happy about the fact that I weigh five pounds less this morning than I did last Monday.


10' warmup

1,000 in just under 18. Just to get the joints moving.


green smoothie after swim - kale, romaine, blueberries, banana, apple, spirulina, vega, maca powder, beet, beet greens.

Dinner - "tropical salad", bok choy stir fry (see recipes tab)

Dessert - one regular sized coffee mug of frozen bananas, raisins and cashews