Session 4 & 5 - Friday

Warmup: sun salute for about 10 minutes

Resting phase: 3.5 mph for 5 minutes - 10-12 breaths/minute

Listening phase: 4.0 mph - went up to 12.5 incline before respiration increased (but just slightly). Came back down to 0.0 incline for about 2 minutes of slow, deep breathing. Increase #2 took me up to 13.5 before I started to suck wind.

Resting Phase: 4.0 mph for 5 minutes - last minute did 4 breaths total.

Cool down: sun salute for about 5 minutes.

Planning on doing 4.0 mph one more time today...have a 20 mile run scheduled for the morning.

Then plan on doing a 4.5 mph session or two on Sunday. I don't think soreness from the run will be an issue since it's not a very stressful treadmill session....more relaxing than anything.

The 5th session was up to 12...then just 10.0 incline. Not trying to overdo it.....