Session 2 of Body, Mind and Sport technique

I started with 8 minutes of yoga (warmup), then did 5 minutes of walking at 3.5 mph taking about 5 breaths per minute ("resting" phase).

Since the calm & easy breath rate at the highest levels of effort the Douillard describes was 14, I decided to focus on a 12 breath/minute rate...which is a full breath every 5 seconds (or every 15 steps if you're maintaining a 180 steps/minute cadence which I try to do).

I got into the 12 breath/min rate (5 minutes) then began upping the incline by 1/2 every 15 seconds ("listening" phase). This morning, my first increase stopped at 5.5 inc before my breath rate began to increase, my second and third stopped at 7.5 -- but that was on about a 6 breath/min rate. With the rate increased to 12, I was able to maintain steady respiration up to 12.0 before I brought it back to 0.

I settled back in to a nice easy rate, then upped again...this time when I got to 12 I stayed there for about a minute...working hard, sweating, but maintaining a 12breath/min rate.

After a minute, I kept going up and made it all the way to 15 incline before I brought it down. I would say -- a pretty drastic improvement in just two sessions.

I did the "resting" phase for 5 minutes at a 5-6 breath/minute rate, then shut it down.

I'm going to do one more session tonight at 3.5 mph, then tomorrow up the mph to 4 and start over from there.