Day 11, 5 week full marathon training


"Filthy 50s"

23:58 (personal best -- and with a 24# ball instead of 20#)

50 reps of each of the following:

24" box jumps

jumping pullups

kettle bell swing (35#)

walking lunge

knees to elbows

push press (45#) -- did unbroken

back extension

wall balls with 24# (rxd is 20)


double unders -- did unbroken

Happy about the PR...pretty surprised actually.

Did my first BM&S session this morning on the treadmill. After doing about 8 minutes of the 12 poses of sun salutation (which apparently stretches out the ribs, lungs, and everything needed for complete and efficient lower-lung/nasal breathing), I walked at 3.5 mph for about 5 minutes taking in long, deep breaths only through the nose. Each one taking a little more than 10 seconds. One minute in there somewhere I did 4 breaths in a minute.

After about 5 minutes, I started increasing the incline by +0.5 every 15 seconds. You do that until your breathing pattern begins to shorten, then take it back down to 0.0. After you bring it down you completely recover and breathe long and deep for a few minutes before doing it again. All breathing is done through the nose.

I got up to 5.5 incline the first time. Then got up to 7.5 incline the next two times before having to bring it back down. Pretty happy with that.

I walked at 3.5 mph for another 5 or so minutes, then did about 5 sun salutes. All together it took me right at 40 minutes.

The goal is to continue to work on that until I can walk comfortably and with a 6-7 breath/minute pace at the 10 or 12 incline level. Then once you do that, you turn up the speed and start over.

I plan on doing that 2-3 times per day if I can. It will be interesting to see if I can continue to improve. It seems pretty crazy to think that I should be able to run a fast 5K pace while holding a low breath rate and keeping my HR in the 120s or 130s ... but based on the book, that's what should happen.

I will still do some CF WODs to keep my strength up for my long runs --- and of course, still do my long runs. 20 this weekend, then 18 next, then 12, then the race, so not many more long runs.

Then after the marathon I will focus solely on BM&S and hopefully be completely comfortable breathing exclusively with my nose during high intense exercise by the time I start training for the Half IM in Galveston. Training starts mid-January.

I also have been doing an exercise to see how long I can stretch out 10 breaths. Today I did it in 7:25, yesterday I was able to hold it out for 7:45. My goal -- and this may be completely unattainable -- is to do 10 breaths in 10 minutes, or 1 breath every minute for 10 minutes.