New Experiment - Body, Mind and Sport

So Scott Jurek referenced John Douillard's book Body, Mind and Sport in his book Eat and Run. I ordered it and am about done with it. Very interesting...

Take aways ---

I'm going to try and teach myself to workout with nasal breathing only. I will start this experiment after Dallas Marathon. Apparently if you train yourself to stay calm during exercise and breathe only through your nose, you can perform at high levels while keeping your HR and breathing rate at near resting rates.....we'll see. Mouth = eating, Nose = breathing. He makes a strong case.

The other thing I may do every now and then is instead of eating one big meal at night, eat my one big meal at lunchtime and have a very light dinner or no dinner at all. According to Douillard, each day from 10-2 PM is when your body is best able to digest food.

He also talks about eating certain foods during certain times of year and basing workouts on body type and disposition to make exercise fun instead of "work".

One thing that makes a lot of sense to me is the idea that integrating the mind and body during exercise is the best way to get the most out of exercise. And that disconnecting the mind and body while exercising (i.e. headphones, tv, magazines, etc...) you are robbing yourself of a truly great experience. It makes sense to me because I have never worked out with music in my ear.

Douillard believes you can find the "zone" any time for any type of's all about connecting your mind and body immediately before you perform or exercise and keeping your heart rate and breathing rate at near resting levels. Very interest stuff. Good book.

I'll begin to implement the nasal breathing exclusively after Dallas Marathon and start doing some nasal breathing exercises and yoga stretching to prime myself for the experiment.