Day 6, 5 week full marathon training

Long Run

16 miles in 2:09:30.

Steady 25-26 mph winds with gusts faster than that. Crazy windy. Did an 8 mile at and back with JB. Started sipping Perpeteum at mile 4 and had some just about every mile til the end. Took two 8 oz bottles on my fuel belt. Made 2 gels - had them at mile 8 and mile 12.

Left hip and right ankle started hurting around mile 12. Probably because of my heavy weight. Kept nearly an 8 min/mile which I was happy about. We talked the whole time (correction - I talked the whole time...I'm a talker).

Long Swim

1,000 yards in 17:40. Good swim. Joint pain was completely gone when I got out of the water. All that was left was muscle fatgue. Legs still REALLY sore from the squats and GHD situp workout the other day.


blended salad 1 hour before run (avocado, banana, date, romaine, spinach)

gels and hammer during run

Dinner - brd, steamed salmon, cabbage salad, cashews