Day 7, Week 9 - 12 week Half IM training

Toyota US Open Olympic Triathlon

Swim - 1,650 yards (1,500m) in 29:30

Bike - 25 miles in 1:08 (22 mph)

Run - 6.2 miles in 44:30 (7 min/mile)

Finished in 2:28:13. About a minute faster than two years ago despite spending a couple of extra minutes in T1 putting arm warmers on.

It was 45 degrees when race started. Felt great jumping in the 70 degree water. Felt good in the water...didn't try to kill it. Huge hill coming out of T1 so I just ran with my bike to the top and passed about 10 people struggling up the hill on their bikes.

Cold never bothered me on the bike despite there being 100% cloud cover and a pretty steady north wind, but nothing to complain about (although some were...some that have never ridden on a windy day in Abilene).

Really pushed it on the run since my body temp wasn't very high off the bike. Pretty hilly course. Good workout to close out the week. Feel like the hill work I've been doing will pay off in three weeks at Austin.


spinach artichoke dip for lunch

blended salad pre race

homemade gels at 1:30 and 2 hour marks of race. Had a few sips of coconut water on the bike which was the only liquid I had during the whole race.

Snacks and dinner - carob almonds, dried mangos, chocolate, muffins, veggie pizza, mango/strawberry/banana smoothie, cashews, fig bars