Day 4, Week 9 - 12 week Half IM training

Long Bike//Long Run

3 hour bike

Total distance 57.62

Rode a very hilly course...6 pretty substantial climbs (west of Tuscola, CR 280, then 3 on 89 and 277). Pretty happy that I averaged 19.1 mph given the terrain. Trying to get ready for the hills of Austin. I came out a little harder than normal on this one. Watts were averaging above 200 when I finally got a tail wind (about 1:45 in). And I only got that tail wind for about 45' as the last 30' of the ride were spent riding around neighborhoods. I attacked hills and kept my cadence and watts up. Really feeling like the hill work is starting to pay off.

186 watts

19.5 mph for the first (and toughest) 2.5 hours. Very happy about that. Also kept a 192 cadence for the first 49 miles - same time frame (2.5 hours).

142 average HR

6' transition time

7 mile run in 57'. Total distance 7 miles. Total time 57'.

Measured out the run during the last half hour of the bike. Kept about an 8 min/mile pace. Nasal breathing throughout which was tough since I was blowing snot out. Feel great on my feet.


pre ride - blended salad (romaine, spinach, avocado, banana, date)

during ride - Hammer perpetuem (52g - 1.5 scoops) started drinking every 20' at 1:30 mark. Had a little bit left by end of 3' ride. Homemade gels (date, agave, coconut oil, hemp protein, lemon juice). Had gel at 2' mark and 3' mark, as I was starting run. Coconut water - one 17 oz can. Started drinking every 20 minutes at 1:40 mark. Water throughout.

post ride - green smoothie FIRST VITAMIX EXPERIENCE!! (spinach, chard, kale, banana, date, blueberries, squash, ice, vega, spirulina, maca powder). Totally different smoothie than what the Ninja makes. Incredibly awesome.

Dinner - cabbage salad, quinoa with tempeh, spaghetti squash with cooked mushrooms/tomatoes

Snack - cashews/frozen bananas, raisins, carob raisins, tomato/dijon mustard sandwich on Ezekial bread (my new favorite treat but add avocado too...mmmmmm).