Day 4, Week 11 - 12 week Half IM training

Long Bike - Long Run

Great brick....

9,000meter run (measured 1.5K and ran there and back three times) 45:30

6' transition

43 mile bike in 2:08 and change (20+ mph).

6' transistion

3K in 15

3K in 14:30

3K in 13:45

Total time 3:50, Total distance: run 11 miles, bike 43

Slightly windy but not too bad. Did the run in the neighborhood. Blended salad 1 hour before I started (romaine, spinach, avocado, date, banana), yerba matte before as well.

Made two gels for bike (1 date, agave nectar, hemp protein, coconut oil, lemon juice, carob powder - see "recipes" tab). Took them at 2 hours and 3 hours...three hours was right at the second transition.

Took bottle with 1.5 scoops of Perpetuem and one with 17.5 ounces of coconut water. Started drinking at 1:30 (perpetuem every 20 minutes, coconut water every 20 minutes -- took drink every 10 minutes).

Had one sip in each bottle when I started the second run. Took last sip when I came back the first time, finished off the other bottle when I came back the second time (run was out 1.5K and back three times...from garage to a black 'x' I marked this morning on Constitution Street. Workout called for a "fast, faster, fastest" 3x3K (2nd run) which I was able to do. Nasal breathing on all but the last 1.5K of the run and the entire bike.

HR averaged 155 on second run... 141 on bike. 191 watts on bike.

Went north on Eastlake, left on 1082, north on 600 until I hit 20. Turned and came home, then rode about 3 miles in the neighborhood to get me to the 3 hour mark. Wore pink arm warmers, Zoot compression socks, gloves on the bike, 2XU tri suit. Pretty cold, mid 50s when I started but did the second run without a shirt on. Ran in Ovwa's.


pre workout - blended salad (see above)

during workout - Hammer Perpetuem, coconut water, 2 homemade gels

post workout - smoothie (kale, spinach, vega, spirulina, maca powder, squash, bell pepper, banana, strawberries, blueberries, 1/2 a beet and all the greens from the beat). Really I love the Vitamix. Also had some sliced pickles after I got done.

Dinner - cabbage salad, "mashed" potatoes (see "recipes" tab), quinoa, cooked mushrooms/tomatoes/onion

Snack - brd, cashews, watermelon