Day 5, Week 10 - 12 week Half IM training


5x 100 foot bear crawl

100 foot broad jump (3 burpees every five jumps)

17:18. Did about 16 jumps per backyard while girls played on swing set.

Interval Run

800m time trial (2:51)

rest 5'

2x 800m run at 75% time trial pace (2:57 & 2:53).

Total time 26'. Total distance 2.5 miles.

Did in new Brooks PureConnect but they were too small. Took them back and ordered another half size bigger.



Dinner - spaghetti squash with cooked mushroom/tomato/onion, quinoa, cabbage salad with almond sauce

Snack - cashews, raisins, carob raisins, frozen bananas