Day 2, Week 10 - 12 week Half IM training



95# ground to overhead x 10

200m run (50m shuttle)

5:39. Did in garage. Total time 20'.

Long Run

15.25 miles in 2:10. HR averaged 151. Breathed through my nose the whole time. Really felt great until about the last mile and a half....which, oddly enough, is when I opened my mouth and did about 4 minutes of mouth breathing. Started to get a bad cramp...I'm thinking the mouth breathing and cramp was related somehow. Was able to keep high cadence and mid-foot strike throughout entire 130 minutes. Have run that long just twice all year (2.5 hour run during IM training, and the IM marathon). Legs feel good but very tired after run.


green smoothie after WOD and run

Dinner - cabbage salad with almond dressing, spaghetti squash with mushrooms/onion/tomato, quinoa

Snack - black bean/mushroom soup, vegan mashed potatoes, frozen banana, raisins, cashews, piece of Ezekial break with "cheese".