Day 7, Week 8 - 12 week Half IM training


Sprint Triathlon (Stonebridge Ranch Playtri spint)

750m swim (820 yards, 16:00)

11 mile bike (30:53, 237 watts, 21.1 mph)

5K run (21:35)

T1 was 2:27, T2 wasn't recorded for some reason.

Total time - 1:10:55. 2nd place in age group...10th overall.

Rained the whole time pre-race. Annoying but no big deal. Biggest concern was wet roads but they weren't really an issue on such a short bike course. Very flat bike and run. Swim was fun...longest sprint swim I've ever done. Rain had stopped by the time I came out of the water. Had good support team with me this weekend and watched some first timers finish with smiles on their faces.


Blended salad pre-race (date, spinach, romaine, avocado, banana)

Lunch : Chuy's in Plano. Vegetarian combo (relleno and enchilada, beans), chips/salsa, leftovers from others' plates around the table...nom nom.

Dinner: sushi from Central Market, carob almonds, dried mango, trail mix, cashews.