Day 6, Week 8 - 12 week Half IM training

Long Bike

Rode inside in Plano because of the rain.

Total time - 2 hours. Total distance 32.90 miles.

155 watts, 124 HR

Watched George/Tennessee while riding. Kept HR in the mid-120s. Zone 2 ride.



15 pushups, run 60 yards, rest 60" Total time 25'

Did the first nine in 30". The last one took me 38 b/c my arms and chest finally gave out and I stopped to pick up my cone. Did pushups in garage and ran out 30 yards to a cone in the street...pouring rain. Ran in my yellow zoots, purple ACU sweatpants and no shirt.


Green smoothie

Dinner - cabbage salad, quinoa with avocado, spaghetti squash w/ mushrooms/tomatoes/onion. Cashews. Glass of wine.