Day #2 Wrap Up

Well...I'm working on my seventh juice (pictured below) and am hungry but feel fine. I just got back from Bodyflow at Hendrick Health Club. I started feeling sluggish towards the end, but afterwards I felt fine and feel fine now.

My routine:
Getting everything out of the fridge and cut up, ready to go into juicer. I juice then immediately clean all the parts...I need this thing to last! I try and make the juice last as long as possible. I got the cup with the lid because sometimes the juice tastes good but doesn't smell great so it can diminish the experience.

I have bouts of pretty severe hunger that last just a few minutes then it goes away. I'd say maybe five times today I was like "man, I want to eat some crunchy food" but it went away quickly. I stay thirsty despite drinking a gallon of water per day. I drank two glasses of white tea today, too.

Funny taste in my mouth, not the juice taste, just kind of a chalky feeling? Don't really know how to explain it. It's not unpleasant, just different.

I may need to hit up Natural Grocers tomorrow afternoon and get some more veggies. I think I would have enough to last until Sunday, but the thought of rationing food while on a juice fast seems a little....myopic?

I feel sharp mentally, too. Planning on swimming in the morning and playing basketball at lunch. I'll have a juice post-swim, then one after I hoop.

Two down...13 to go.