Morning of Day #2

Woke at 5:30 AM.
Felt OK this morning. Had to get up twice in the night to tinkle.

Rode my bike in the garage...very cold.
10' warm up
10x 30" of work followed by 2' of active recovery
HR averaged 124 - was in the 140s and 150s during work phases.

Something somewhat funny happened during the first phase of work. My back tire got squirrely somehow and as soon as I started my first 30 seconds of hard work, it started rubbing up against the frame. I didn't know this and just thought I was incredibly tired and had no energy since it was so hard to push the petals with the tire rubbing up against the frame. I was thinking, "man, this is going to be harder than I thought."

When I stopped the phase, I noticed something was wrong...felt good the rest of the workout once I fixed the problem. Ha!

Had a juice this morning:
2 carrots
2 celery
2 apples (coring all my apples to save my juicer some work)

Drinking some hot white tea as I write this, too.

Daily weight loss - 2.7 lbs
Cumulative weight loss - 2.7 lbs