End of Day #1

Feel good end of day one. Been on warrior diet so eating nothing during day is nothing new. I drank all three juices right after I posted them.
Laid down and slept for about thirty minutes right when I got home from work. Other than that I have plenty of energy. Put the Christmas tree in the attic so that's a good sign.
Played basketball at lunch and felt fine. Best I've played n a long time.
Not going to worry about workouts while on fast. I'm going to do whatever I feel like I have energy for.
Planning on short interval bike ride in morning and yoga tomorrow night.
Wasn't going to make a third juice but was really thirsty about 9 pm and I've had three liters of water today. Also just brewed some rooibos red tea. Caffeine free.
One down. Fourteen to go.
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