First three days of 2012

Tuesday, January 3

CF Georgetown
225# DL

short interval run
on treadmill on 12.0 incline
30" sprint, 2' recovery
all sprints at 9.5 mph

frozen blueberries this morning, fresh blueberries at lunch time
2 trips through Jason's Deli salad bar for dinner. Had some of the cranberry, walnut stuff, too.
Carob almonds and frozen fruit for snack.

Juice fast starts tomorrow.

Monday, January 2

Woke at 4:25 AM. Was planning on running when we got back to Austin but was too exhausted. Took another rest day.

Good eating day.
Nothing until dinner. Large salad, cooked veggies, lentils with salsa. Frozen fruit and dry oatmeal for snack.

Sunday, January 1

rest day in NYC. Slept in.
eggs benedict (Jenn's leftover) at restaurant in Union Square, Grimaldi's pizza for dinner. Mmmmm....