Attack of the "Just Do it Tomorrow" Fairy

He's a sly one that Just-Do-It-Tomorrow Fairy. He hits you when your resolve is at its peak. A tiny chink here...a jab thing you know you're eating chocolate donuts out of a bag for breakfast and your running shoes have a family of gerbils living inside of them.

He attacked me several times today.

This morning my alarm went off at 5:30 AM. I had already been up a couple of times during the night and was pretty tired. I though, "I'm just going to wake up at 6:30 AM, and do this CF WOD some other time during the week...maybe tonight (yawn)"...The Fairy was rubbing his hands together, giggling.

And I did just that. I set my alarm for 6:30 AM and put my head back on the pillow. But my inner drive wouldn't allow it. I woke up on my own about five minutes later, swung my legs out from underneath the comforter, stood up, and got my rear end into my gym to workout. Glad I did.

I was planning to get my long swim in this afternoon at lunch. A total of 3,200 yards with varying degrees of rest between intervals so this workout takes me about 1 hour and 15 minutes. I walk over to the rec center, get out of my suit, get into my swim jammers, flail my arms around a few times, jump in the water. I'm literally 75 yards into the swim when the lights go out.

Campus wide power outage. Phew! Good thing I brought my wrist watch because I had been using the rec center's digital clock as my timer which now sat blankly staring back at me. The Fairy sits giggling some more. An evil giggle.

I was swimming to the end of the lane to grab my watch when the lifeguard told me I had to get out...everybody has to get out right now. Great. Sitting up on the edge for a few minutes, I'm trying to will the lights to come back on when the lifeguard comes back over and says, "hey, we've got plenty of light, y'all can get back in."

Alright! I jump back in after about a three minute break and continue my warmup. I finish the warmup and start my first set of intervals: 12x25yards with 10" rest. I had just finished my twelfth interval (still 2,600yards to go), and another lifeguard comes over and says, "everybody out."

You've got to be kidding me. Not kidding says the Fairy in all his glorious malfeasance.

So I stand out of the pool for a few minutes hoping the power will come back on before I just have to start the whole session over again. I wait until 12 sharp, grab my bag, and walk back into the locker room.

Trying to come up with a contingency plan, I decide I can still get my short bike session in and do my long swim on Sunday afternoon. I'm about to finish getting dressed when, lo and behold, the lights come back on...sigh. I don't have enough time to do the whole workout in its entirety so I must depart.

I walk the 1,000 or so meters back to my car and hurry home (I was headed home after my swim anyway to make a veggie juice).

The suit comes back off, my bike shorts go on, I air my tires up, and prepare to get my short interval bike WOD in. This WOD calls for doing 400m sprints on the bike.

Easy to figure that one out because I have 300m already marked out on a street by my house. I'll just have to reset the distance setting on my computer and measure .25 miles from the 300m point.

Up on the bike, make it to the 300m mark, reset the computer...and the thing goes blank. Yeah, totally blank and nothing I can do will it turn it back on. I guess the batteries went out? Who knows...the Fairy knows. That blasted Fairy.

Never fear! I will win!!

I high-tail it home, grab my distance wheel, and head back out to the 300m mark.

Wait. My distance wheel is in feet. How many feet are in 100m? I have no clue. Back on the bike, back in the house, grab my phone, open the converter app, figure out how many feet are in 100m.

Back on the bike, back to the 300m mark, measure 328 feet from the 300m mark. The distance wheel gets left on the side of the road as my finish line and I begin.

I finished the WOD and made it back up to work in record time.
Moral of the story...don't let the Just-Do-It-Tomorrow Fairy EVER win...because once he does, he won't stop until your body fat gets close to triple digits.